New generation of carbon fiber Metro vehicles unveiled



September 18, 2018, afternoon, at the Berlin International Rail Transit Technology exhibition in Germany (Inno-trans 2018), China Automotive Si fang AG officially released a new generation of carbon fiber Metro vehicles “Cetrovo.”
This is the latest technological achievement in the field of Metro in our country, and represents the technological trend of future Metro trains. It uses numerous advanced materials, new technology development, in energy saving and environmental protection, comfort, intelligence and so on compared to the traditional subway to achieve a full upgrade, will lead the Metro vehicles into a more green intelligent “new era.”
Using carbon fiber technology, the whole vehicle “slimming” 13% compared to the traditional subway, the new generation of Metro vehicles the biggest feature is lighter, more energy-saving. Compared with the use of steel, aluminum alloy and other traditional metal materials, the new generation of carbon fiber subway vehicle body, driver’s room, equipment cabin weight reduction of more than 30%, bogie frame weight 40%, the vehicle weight loss 13%.
According to Ting, Deputy chief engineer of China car scientist and Zhong Che sifang AG, this is a large-scale application of carbon fiber composite metro vehicles, although the manufacturing cost is higher than the traditional metal materials, but carbon fiber composite materials more lightweight, energy-saving advantages are obvious, and has excellent fatigue resistance, weathering, corrosion resistance, Can effectively ensure that the train in the 30 years of service period without fatigue, corrosion and other failures, reduce maintenance, and therefore can reduce the life cycle costs. When the body is light, it also reduces the damage to the line.
Carriages can be quickly “changed”, more stable and more comfortable compared with the traditional subway, the new generation of Metro vehicles has more applicability, more flexible in the operational organization, can adapt to more complex operating environment.
At present, China’s subway vehicles are fixed group, the number of carriages be immutable. The new generation of Metro vehicles first developed the “flexible marshaling” function, the train with 2 knots as the smallest marshaling unit, can be implemented according to operational requirements of the “2+n” section of flexible grouping, in 2 to 12 sections of the range with the car, and completes “transformation” in less than 5 minutes.

The new generation of Metro vehicles for the first time using full-active suspension technology, in the road, when the car vibration, can immediately detect, and the suspension system damping dynamic adjustment, so that the suspension system at all times in the best damping state, so that the subway vehicles “run more stable.”
At the same time, the car is also optimized for noise reduction design, train operation, the passenger compartment noise of only 68 decibels, than the traditional subway reduced by more than 3 decibels. As with high-speed trains, the new generation of Metro vehicles has also been designed to be air-tight, the first to use a sealed body, passengers in the ride, not because the pressure fluctuations in the car caused the eardrum to have a sense of oppression.
The new generation of metro vehicles using modern intelligent technology, is a highly intelligent “smart train.” In the car, passengers will feel the ubiquitous “smart service”. As a touch screen, the window becomes a “magic window” that conveys a variety of graphic and video information, and passengers can easily access various services by touching the window with their fingers, watching the news on the Windows, browsing the web, buying tickets, swiping videos, watching live TV, etc.
In addition, the mirror in the compartment becomes a touch-controlled, internet-connected “Magic mirror”; The intelligent air-conditioning in the compartment can automatically determine the appropriate temperature and humidity according to the weather and clothing index, which makes the body feel more comfortable; the lighting system can always know the light environment of the compartment, automatically adjusts the brightness and color temperature, and the multimedia curved For hearing disabled passengers equipped with a hearing system and so on.
The new generation of metro vehicles with a maximum operating speed of up to 140 km, the use of unmanned technology, the train from the start to acceleration and deceleration, stop, switch door, back to the library and other operations are fully automatic driving.

Post time: Sep-19-2018

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