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  • Custom Motorcycle Helmet

    If you're in the market for a motorcycle helmet, then you should definitely consider going with a carbon fiber frame. The material is great for providing strength and durability, but it's also lightweight and flexible, making it easy to install. While the frame can look the part and be cheaper t...
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  • Matte Carbon Fiber Tube Parts

    High quality, matte or glossy carbon fiber tube parts are an integral part of any CNC machine, whether it is used to build components for a toolbox, for a hand tool, or for an industrial machine. With the latest advancements in carbon composites, manufacturers have come up with unique carbon fibe...
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  • You certainly did not know that this material is also carbon fiber!

    Forged carbon fiber is a newly developed process of making synthetic material through cutting sheets of carbon fiber into thin layers and creating a hollow structure, which can provide the same strength as woven carbon fiber. There are a couple of major differences between the two forms of carbon...
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  • Carbon fiber products you certainly don’t know about.

    The concept of carbon fiber seems to have been around for a long time. With the maturity of carbon fiber composite application technology, its application form in rail vehicles is also increasing. But in daily life is still relatively rare. For most people, carbon fiber products are rare. In fact...
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  • September Purchase Festival! Give away the event!

    This month is Alibaba's Purchasing Day. In order to give back to new and old customers, we have also introduced a limited-time limit of gifts. Gifts will be available between September 1 and September 20, provided that the order amount meets the following criteria. Thanks to the customer has alwa...
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  • A new type of carbon fiber plate

    The new carbon fiber sheet optimizes the performance of the carbon fiber sheet on the original basis. Compared with the original carbon fiber plate, the surface of this product is less prone to scratching and abrasion. At the same time, it looks more frosted. Used for processing into handicrafts ...
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  • Carbon fiber car accessories are becoming more and more popular

    With the increasing popularity of carbon fiber in all walks of life, in the automotive industry, more and more car brands have added carbon fiber decoration to their new car models. In appearance, the addition of carbon fiber is more technological. At the same time, it greatly increases the perfo...
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  • Bentley adds carbon fiber kit for continental GT/Timeveri.

    Bentley officials said they would add carbon fiber exterior options for its continental GT and Timeveri. Each carbon fiber kit is made with a custom twilled carbon fiber cascade pattern, each adjacent fiber woven in the same direction to ensure maximum strength and minimum weight. For more produc...
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  • Notice of extension:2020 France JEC Paris Composites Exhibition

        Due to the recent worldwide spread of the new crown virus that has caused widespread concern in the composites industry. The JEC Group decided to postpone the JEC WORLD 2020 exhibition after consulting its board of directors and some industry stakeholders. The new date is set for May 12-14, 2...
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  • Performance advantages of carbon fiber medical board

    Performance advantages of carbon fiber medical board

          The traditional radioactive medical panels must increase the voltage for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment, but the increased radiation energy of the radiation can have harmful side effects to the patient. As a new type of material, carbon fiber has become an excellent material for mak...
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  • Study on Layered Expansion Behavior of Advanced Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Laminates Sheet

    Study on Layered Expansion Behavior of Advanced Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Laminates Sheet

    MECHANICS AND ENGINEERING - Numerical Computation and Data Analysis Mechanics and Engineering — Numerical Calculations and Data Analysis 2019 Academic Conference, April 19-21, 2019, Beijing April 19-21, 2019, Beijing, China Study on Layered Expansion Behavior of Advanced Carbon Fiber Reinforced C...
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  • Carbon fiber ladder-The creative design maybe you’ve never seen.

    Carbon fiber ladder-The creative design maybe you’ve never seen.

    Ladders are a common tool in everyday life, and full carbon fiber ladders are made of a completely new material. The structural design is made of full carbon fiber, which weighs only 1kg, but each step of the ladder can hold a weight of 99kg. Carbon fiber ladders have many excellent properties: 1...
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