You certainly did not know that this material is also carbon fiber!

Forged carbon fiber is a newly developed process of making synthetic material through cutting sheets of carbon fiber into thin layers and creating a hollow structure, which can provide the same strength as woven carbon fiber. There are a couple of major differences between the two forms of carbon fiber which makes forged carbon fiber much more durable. A great example is that forged carbon fiber is very light weight (as compared to woven carbon fiber) and is thus used on everything from the aircraft industry to the military and on high-performance sports vehicles like Formula 1 racing cars.


The forged carbon fiber plate is created by making use of a press which is equipped with a press strip and a heat gun which melt down the carbon fibers into a fine powder. This powder is then pressed into the shape of the desired carbon fiber plate. The plates themselves are formed through another method known as tig welding, which involves pouring molten carbon fibers into a container and heating them to about 2200 degrees Fahrenheit in order to melt the carbon fibers into a carbon plate material. In this process, there is an extra layer of carbon atoms which remains undissolved. These undissolved carbon atoms form the hollow carbon fiber plate which is then welded together to form a hollow core which has been hardened and has a slightly greater tensile strength than the original carbon fiber plate. The thickness of the core increases with time and this allows for greater strength and durability of the forging process.


One important factor to note when it comes to forging carbon fiber plate is that the process requires a certain degree of skill and knowledge in order to properly complete the forging process, and the best way to improve one's craft is to acquire more specialized knowledge about the process. It is also important to note that there are many other options which may be better suited to your particular needs, but carbon fiber forging as an industrial process offers some of the best solutions to the problem of developing the strongest and most durable carbon fiber materials in the market today.

Post time: Oct-22-2020

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