Carbon Fiber Model

Carbon fiber is becoming more popular as model car material choices, which should come as no surprise to anyone who has driven one of these sleek new automobiles. As demand for gas prices continue to inch upward, owning and driving one of these carbon super fast vehicles is more a reality for many people across the country. But, how about carbon fiber for the production of model cars? Since it would be virtually impossible for such a large car to be fully self-sufficient in carbon and other components, one would think it would be a pointless use of resources.


Will anyone ever see a carbon fiber model with such a car's body in it, such as the new BMW i8 or i3 carbon fiber super car, nothing else? Probably not. However, thanks to advances in carbon fiber technology, things are beginning to change. Companies such as KW Clubsport and Kaylor are hard at work developing prototypes of carbon fiber cars that could very well see them being made available to the masses in a few years. The development process can take as long as a decade, but it will be worth it if these cars do make it to production and become a hot commodity among sports car enthusiasts.


Carbon fiber has the advantage over traditional metals in many ways, first of all it is more lightweight, much like glass, meaning it is easier to shape and mold into the kind of aggressive designs sports car drivers want. It also comes in a wider variety of colors, unlike aluminum, which is still largely monochromatic. However, carbon fiber models will most likely never be mass produced in enough numbers to make a dent in the automotive market share. As it stands now, super fast sports cars with carbon fiber body panels are only for the super-elite, but they are the future and they are coming soon.

Post time: Dec-14-2020

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