Carbon Fiber Ballpoint Pen

In today's era of intelligence, our habits have changed dramatically, and the popularity of computers and mobile phones has shifted our habit of recording ideas and words from paper and pens to the screen,which led to a fall in the habit of using the pen.

But when you meet  Carbon Fiber Ballpoint Pen, you'll be fond of them.Because this is a senior business pens completely different from the previous watercolor pen.



There are many advantages such as comfortable and smooth, moderate in weight and fluent in writing. The carbon fiber pattern on its surface is clear and unique, which is why many people love it. In fact, it is not entirely made of carbon fiber material, but mixed with stainless steel pen container, which makes it charming.

Many people use them as a gift for friends, family or business associates.If you want a personal logo on the surface of carbon pen,we will also help you do it.

Post time: Jun-20-2018

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