forged carbon vs carbon fiber, what’s the difference?

Forged carbon and carbon fiber is always a hot discussion from those carbon fans. These material sometimes complement each other in the vital application. Probably in 1860, Joseph Swan produced carbon fibers for light bulbs at first. After many years, it has became excellent material in many fields but there are still some limitations. Thus, to find higher fiber volume content and better molding process,Lamborghini Advanced Composite Structure Laboratory(ACSL) invent the forged composite technology. which is announced in 2010 at the Paris Motor Show. Here we make a few points of difference between them.
The forged carbon looks more like a marble or granite in black, and be much different from carbon fiber. Carbon fiber weave is always in line,while forged carbon seems mussy but beautiful. Forged carbon is most black ,but carbon fiber ranges of many colors such as green, silver, gold, red. And forged carbon often appears in smooth matte.
 forged carbon fibercarbon-fiber-sheet
Generally, carbon fiber is often in the form of fabric with resin,as most people know. It's the ideal material of carbon fiber sheet,carbon fiber tubes or other carbon parts. But forged composite often composes of a paste of fibers and resin. It will come out to much shape after it is squeezed several times
Since the forged fibers are not oriented in any particular direction, it's strong in different direction. But it seems there's no test report at present about which one is stronger. And carbon fiber has different level and strength, so it might be difficult to compare which one is better.
We can easily found carbon fiber in drone, connector, equipment parts, high temperature application, sports kits, and home materials. It can be applied in anywhere that needs low weight and high strength. Forged carbon is first used on Sesto Elemento car of Lamborghini. The advantage of superior mechanical properties and freedom from porosity makes forged being ideal material for automotive, high pressure applications, hand tools and industrial equipment. Recent year, it's associated with phone case,ring and watch too.
forged carbon
There is no too much difference in  material, but if you'd like to do some personal parts by forged carbon ,it'll be economical than carbon fiber. Because it's a short process for making forged parts.

Post time: May-08-2019

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