Why is carbon fiber so expensive?

- Carbon fiber raw materials and process costs

The cost of carbon fiber has been high because of high production costs, technical requirements, imbalance between supply and demand. At present, PAN-based carbon fiber accounts for more than 90% of the total carbon fiber market. The production cost of PAN-based carbon fiber mainly includes two parts: PAN tow production cost and carbon fiber production cost. PAN premium tow is the key material for the production of carbon fiber. The process of the original tow are extremely strict.


High-quality PAN-based raw silk is one of the keys to the production of carbon fiber. The raw silk affects not only the quality of carbon fiber, but also its production and costs. Generally, in the carbon fiber cost ratio, the raw silk accounts for about 51%. 1 kg of carbon fiber can be made by 2.2 kg good quality PAN raw silk, but 2.5kg poor quality PAN raw silk. Therefore, the use of poor quality raw silk necessarily increases the production cost of carbon fiber.

 Technics  Cost  Percentage
 tows  $11.11  51%
 oxidation  $3.4  16%
 carbonization  $5.12  23%
 convolution  $2.17  10%
 total  $21.8  100%

-How to reduce production costs?

If more and more carbon fiber private enterprises can design and manufacture their own equipment and achieve a relatively large scale, it’ll reduce the production cost of carbon fiber. Then this needs to be achieved through the improvement of technology and the improvement of production process.


Post time: Oct-12-2019

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