The sort of carbon tube

The sort of carbon tube

Standard Modulus
This is the foremost common grade of carbon fiber used for our carbon fiber tubes. normal modulus offers glorious strength and stiffness. It is 1.5X stiffer than metal and is that the most economical grade.

Intermediate Modulus
This grade of conduit offers increased stiffness over normal modulus carbon fiber conduit with an equivalent or higher strength. Intermediate modulus is or so two occasions stiffer than metal conduit.

High Modulus
At thrice stiffer than metal (or such as steel stiffness), this grade of conduit has terribly similar strength to straightforward modulus carbon fiber conduit. it’s a superb selection for stern, weight sensitive applications.

Ultra-High Modulus
Incredible stiffness at four-five times that of atomic number or 1.5 times that of steel. Ultra-high modulus has lower strength and isn’t suggested for top stress applications.

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