The Advantage Of Carbon Fiber Playing Cards You Might Never Know

When we talk about carbon fiber,many people will think of it’s application in the field of automobile or sports car.But have you ever wondered what it would be like to use it on daily necessities?Here’s a simple example-Playing Cards/Poker,which is one of the most familiar entertainment products we’ve ever known.When it is replaced with carbon fiber, it becomes unique.

So what is the specific uniqueness or advantage of carbon fiber cards?


Regular paper poker cards is easier to be bent and it’s shape stability is very bad,but carbon fiber poker won’t bend,snap even under intense stress.See following pictures to show difference between the two kinds of cards.

carbon fiber cards1



2.Good Abrasion-Resistance

 The paper cards are always wearing out with increasing use,it’s a waste of materials.But carbon fiber cards always keeps good abrasion resistance.


3.water proof
The paper cards will be rotten after soaked by water,but for carbon fiber playing cards,it’s shape and performance still remain unchanged! Here is a video for testing water proof of carbon fiber playing cards.

The pattern will be printed in White and Red ink on Black 3k Twill Carbon Fiber, and two option for surface-Matte and Glossy.



Post time: Jul-01-2018

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