Roll wrapped carbon fiber tubes

Roll wrapped carbon fiber tubes square measure universally sturdy and may tolerate all forces equally. not like pultruded tubes they will stand up to twist (torque) force, compression, tension and deflection while notcacophonic. this can be as a result of the fibres are wound round the diameter of the tube further as running length ways in which. initial the tube arbor is wound with unidirectional carbon fibre round thediameter, then it’s wrapped with the fibres running the length (longitudinally), finally it’s finished with a wrap of 3K twill before it’s cured in Associate in Nursing autoclave, roll sanded and recoated with epoxy.

Roll wrapped tubes square measure ideal for all types of construction comes that need a light-weightweight high performance sporting tube that may handle forces from any direction.

This 3K woven end tube is factory-made from alternating layers of unidirectional prepreg carbon fibre for max strength with the ultimate layer swapped for 2/2 twill, 3k woven carbon fibre in order that the tube has the classic look of woven carbon fibre (exactly an equivalent as our carbon fibre sheets for example). this suggests that though the tubes square measure designed for strict mechanical applications, they conjointlylook fantastic, adding a stylish carbon fibre look to any application.

To achieve the graceful, shiny look the tubes square measure surface ground, lacquered (with high-gloss ultraviolet light resistant lacquer) and so polished. the top result’s a carbon fibre tube of unmatchablevisual look creating it ideally fitted to use in applications wherever it’ll be seen.

Post time: Sep-26-2018

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