How to use carbon fiber money clip?

We all know that carbon fiber money clips are very popular for daily necessities. So how do we use them as the correct way?


First, we need to prepare 1 carbon fiber clips and some business cards, name cards,  id cards, or others.
Then we keep the mouth of money clip opening ,  and hand the bills or cards in it,the money clip will be automatically clamped when you loosen your hands.
You also don’t have to worry about if  it will slide down or not as long as there is no strong shock,and it’s elastic pull will either not  hurt the hands.
It can fits about 40 pieces fold bills or 20 pieces cards,you can push them on your pocket or wallet for shopping.


When you don’t use it, please put it in a dry environment,avoid touching water for long time or sharp tip objects to prevent wear,wipe it with a tissue or a rag when it becomes dirty.

Post time: May-28-2018

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