How carbon fiber affect consumer electronics?

People’s first impressions of carbon fiber are high-end, high-performance, luxury, etc., but do you know? Carbon fiber has now slowly penetrated into our daily lives, such as pixel rackets, tables and chairs, teacups and so on, and will become more and more popular. As a new industry, it must have many challenges.

1. What is the impact of the carbon fiber supply chain on the consumer goods market?
Carbon fiber as a new element, if it is added to the mainstream consumer goods market, it will certainly have an impact on consumers ‘ original consumption structure and consumption habits. The improvement of living standards makes people’s demands for quality and the upgrading of tastes more and more demanding, and the distinctive carbon fiber is in line with these 2 points of demand. In order to meet the needs of consumers, manufacturers tend to transform and upgrade, add carbon fiber to their own product design plans, and constantly test, carbon fiber and their own products combined. When the market for carbon fiber consumer goods gradually become more, the range of consumer choice is much more, naturally, affect their consumption habits. And the competition of merchants will become more intense, and the reputation of the audience will make businesses survival of the fittest. Finally, it will promote the maturity of the entire carbon fiber industry.

2. Will the cost of raw materials affect consumer demand?
Price is one of the factors that affect consumer demand, and raw material cost is an important factor affecting price when the resources of raw materials or carbon fiber manufacturing are more complex, its cost will be relatively high, and finally will lead to low consumer demand phenomenon. We all like cheap items, but there are really very few such things. Of course, in the future, the cost of carbon fiber is likely to decrease as the process increases and productivity increases.
3. What do suppliers think of the industry?
The supply chain has realized that composites in consumer electronics have finally become a viable technical and commercial proposition. However, factors such as high costs, uneven quality and complex processes continue to haunt their every move. A lot of businesses just started the pilot phase and didn’t really delve into it.

Post time: Jan-25-2019

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