Do you know how to distinguish between high quality and inferior carbon fiber?

We had shared the advantages of carbon fiber for you:
The weight of carbon fiber is 1/4 of steel, the strength is 10 times harder than steel. The carbon fiber in the market is cheap, expensive, high quality, and inferior. Today we will share some tips for distinguishing between true and false carbon fiber.
After the carbon fiber raw material is subjected to high temperature treatment, the carbon fiber molecules become filamentous, and the carbon fiber tow is woven into a cloth. Depending on the density of the tow, carbon fiber cloth can be divided into 3K, 6K and 12K, of which 3K means that 1 bundle of carbon fiber contains 3,000 filaments. How to weave carbon fiber tow will affect its price and rigidity. In other words, the rarer the weaving pattern, the higher the price and the better the performance.

CF materialFirst: check the price. Because the process of manufacturing carbon fiber is complicated, and the material cost is not cheap, generally the cheap carbon fiber is of poor quality, and the cheap carbon fiber on the market is mostly sticky paper.

Second: check the details. Since the carbon fiber process is subjected to a process such as spreading, vacuum, high-temperature drying, etc., the good carbon fiber has a strong three-dimensional pattern, and the processing of the bent portion of the carbon fiber processed part is relatively fine and beautiful. In order to increase the thickness of carbon fiber, some merchants will add PU material in the middle. The simplest one is to look at the bottom of carbon fiber. If it is not carbon fiber, it is not a complete carbon fiber material.

Third: check the color. Carbon fiber is generally black. Of course, there are also real colored carbon fibers on the market including red carbon fiber, blue carbon fiber, green carbon fiber, and silver carbon fiber. However, these colored carbon fibers are generally bright surfaces and are relatively easy to be scratched.

Post time: Mar-21-2019

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