The advantage of carbon fiber sunglasses

Pure Titanium(PT) has long been considered the best material for making glasses frames,but the carbon fiber is now recognized as better alternative materials,which is more lighter, healthier and more environmentally friendly. Therefore, many manufacturers prefer to  use carbon fiber as the first choice for the frames of glasses.

carbon fiber sunglasses


Weight Comparison:

The proportion of Pure Titanium is about 4.5 g/cm³, and  8.9 g/cm³ of Titanium Alloy,1.8 g/cm³ of Carbon Fiber.From then on, we can see the advantages of carbon fiber, which will greatly reduce the sense of weight.And the strength  of carbon fiber is 5 times than that of  PT.

There are also some other advantages of it,such as corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, good elasticity, good flexibility and abrasion resistance.
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Post time: Jul-08-2017

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