Carbontex drag washer sheet

Carbontex sheet is widely used in fishing wheel,which has the advantages of high abrasion resistance, noise reduction and corrosion resistance.

Carbontex drag washer sheet offer the perfect combination of unrivaled stopping power, silky smoothness, and outstanding consistency, with a very high heat tolerance. Delivers up to an unbelievable 20% max drag increase with a much smoother drag across the full range. Impresive zero start-up inertia regardless of how much you try to suppress the drag. Increased durability and lessened sensitivity to moisture and heat. Quick translation, no more broken lines or lost trophy fish due to a sticky drag.

carbon drag washer (7)

Our carbontex drag sheets  are made up of brake cloth and fiberglass cloth, we have size of 400*500mm, and 0.5,0.8,1.0,1.2mm thickness.
carbontex drag washer material is made up of  brake cloth outside and fiberglass cloth inside, more thickness ,more layer.

We also provide punch service, cut the whole carbontex washer sheet into many small pieces.

Post time: Oct-20-2018

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