Carbon fiber plate & Carbon Fiber Tube

Plain matte carbon fiber plate:

These carbon fiber panels use the regular black 2×2 twill carbon fiber material and area unit hardened victimisationquality crystal clear rosin to convey a water-clear look. For a lot of elaborated data, click on associate item below. If you do not see a size that may work for you, please send your message to us.

and that we will quote you for a custom panel.

carbon-fiber-plate carbon-fiber-plate19



Roll Wrapped Carbon Fiber Tube weave Gloss Finish:
This carbon fiber tube uses high strength unidirectional T-700 equivalent carbon fiber core with associateepoxy glue system to confirm a powerful rigid tube that may meet your desires. additionally to the currenthigh strength uni core this tube is ended with a good looking 2×2 weave carbon fiber then given a gloss finish. thanks to stuff constraints it’s exhausting to form pipes precisely at a selected measuring unless they’re engineered over-sized and machined down in order that is why our pipes is also a couple ofthousandths faraway from our ideal measuring we tend to try to match.


carbon fiber tube carbon fiber tube

Post time: Oct-15-2018

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