Carbon fiber ladder-The creative design maybe you’ve never seen.

Ladders are a common tool in everyday life, and full carbon fiber ladders are made of a completely new material. The structural design is made of full carbon fiber, which weighs only 1kg, but each step of the ladder can hold a weight of 99kg. Carbon fiber ladders have many excellent properties:

1. Light weight and strong strength. Carbon fiber ladders are four times stronger than steel and weigh only a quarter of their weight, making them easy to carry. 
2.Stable and durable. Carbon fiber corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, long service life.
3.Stable performance. The stability of the carbon fiber material is very good and does not deform easily.
4.Appearances and shapes can vary. Most ladders are rectangular in appearance, while some are cylinder-shaped.

 carbon fiber ladder (2)carbon fiber ladder (1)

Post time: Nov-13-2019

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