Can carbon fiber be used in flying cars in future?

- Foreword
A flying car is a personal aircraft or removable aircraft that provides door-to-door transport on the ground and in the air.
Carbon fiber can be used as an alternative material for weight reduction.


Traffic jams are a serious problem in many big cities today, and we can often see high-speed junctions or street cars crawling as slowly as ants on holidays. How can we solve this problem?

Some people might wonder why we can’t use cheap planes as a backup vehicle. But the idea that aircraft material manufacturing costs and fuel are inherently expensive is unrealistic, and then someone will say, can we develop air cars as a new means of transport? Suppose that even if we could produce such an air car, we would encounter many difficult problems, such as weight reduction, the construction of air traffic hubs, the management of air waste and fuel pollution, the isolation of air noise, the enactment of laws, and so on.

In the article, we focus on the weight reduction of the air body, why air transport to reduce weight? This is because the larger the weight of a car or plane driving in the sky, the more energy and fuel it can support them to continue flying, that is, the ability to be very poor. and energy shortage is a worldwide problem, so we need to focus on the solution, the best way is to reduce the weight of the body. As we all know, carbon fiber is a very good weight-reducing material, the strength is also very high. It seems that using carbon fiber as a material for body and car accessories is a good idea, but often new products often face many problems before they come out. For example, the production process of carbon fiber is very complicated. The time-consuming process includes laying resin-soaked carbon fiberboard in the mold, curing the oven for hours before cutting it, then bonding the components together, using CNC machining machine for precise processing, using carbon fiber special mold to design the product-shaping and so on.

carbon fiber woven sheet

Second, the cost of carbon fiber is very high, before the carbon fiber is created, it began to be an organic polymer, by the carbon atom connected to the polyacrylonitrile, and there are many non-carbon atoms, we need to remove them. Forcing acrylic to fall off its non-carbon atoms requires huge machines and a lot of heat, including two main processing steps: oxidation stabilization and carbonization, these steps require a huge amount of high temperature energy and time, and manufacturers must also dispose of exhaust gases during the heating process so as not to pollute the environment, which is only to make a single fiber itself. And with carbon fiber as an alternative materials, we all need to use carbon fiber tube connectors, carbon fiber laminate sheets and cnc cut carbon fiber to redesign other parts, which might affect performance and other factors.

So the level of investment of mass-produced carbon fiber composites for the manufacture of aerial vehicles will be enormous at the moment.

Post time: Feb-28-2019

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