A very practical tool-Carbontex drag washer

carbon tex sheet for fishing wheel carbon

Coastal countries such as Finland, Malaysia, Australia and so on, their nationals are very fond of fishing, because it is a process of obtaining results, they also enjoy it. Once they start fishing, they take hours and form a habit of daily life. Therefore, the performance of fishing gear parts occupies a very great significance.



In recent years, more and more people began to try to use Carbontex drag washer to install their fishing gear.Because it  has many advantage such as good resistance to friction, light-weight, long use of the cycle. Furthermore,smooth drag carbon fiber drag washers offer the excellent stopping power and smoothness than any other drag system along with a great high heat tolerance. And it’s smoother  than the original felt drag washers,which can eliminate drag jerking due to sticking drags that can cause line breakage.



Post time: Jul-08-2018

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