Twill glossy carbon fiber plate

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  • Min.Order Количество: 10 броя
  • Доставка Възможност: 10,000 парчета / месец
  • Порт: Хонг Конг
  • Условия на плащане: PayPal, Т / Т, Western Union
  • Водещ Време: Доставят се в рамките на 2-3 работни дни след плащане
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    Name Twill glossy carbon fiber plate
    модел Twill
    повърхност лъскав
    линия 3K
    цвят черно
    Трупам 3K+UD+3K
    Материал Japan Toray Carbon Fiber Fabric+Resin
    Carbon Fiber съдържание  90%
    дължина 500,600,800,1000,1200 мм
    широчина 400,500,600,1000 мм
    дебелина 0.2-60 mm
     Нето тегло (г)  Двестагр / кв.м -360 грама / кв.м
    Опакован Тегло (кг) повече от 0,25 кг


    We mainly offer 2 kinds of solid carbon fiber sheets. The first is a quasi-isotropic carbon fiberboard consisting of 90-degree and 45-degree fabrics. Another style is non-quasi-isotropic, where twill weaved is in the direction of 0°/90°. XC carbon fiber sheets are all made by 100% carbon fiber fabric imported from Japan. Flawless weave on different surfaces for option including plain weave,2x2 weave, glossy and matte. The carbon fiber plate is specially applied for FPV, RC plane, auto body, etc. In recent years, wrapping carbon fiber reinforce polymer sheet (CFRP) and bonding angle steel are two common methods in reinforced concrete columns reinforcement engineering nowadays.
    XC carbon fiber manufacture carbon sheet by the wet process. The carbon fiber fabric is placed in a precast mold at first, then we use vacuum pressure to inject the resin into the mold and combine it with carbon fiber. Because the resin was infiltrated when carbon fiber cloth is fabricated, so the combination of them is great and they have high proportional control. We'll get high quality & precise carbon sheet after high temperature and high pressure.


    1.High Strength, Light Weight, Environmental, Durable Nice Surface, Fashion
    2.Low Coefficiency Of Thermal Expansion, High-Temperature Resistance
    3.Good Tenacity, Good Toughness, Low Coefficiency Of Thermal Expansion


    1. Aerospace, Helicopters Model Drone , UAVS, FPV, RC Model Parts
    2.Manufacture Fixtures And Tooling, Industrial Automation And Robotics
    3.Sports Equipment, Musical Instruments, Medical Device
    4.Building Construction Repair And Strengthening
    5.Car Interior Decoration Parts, Art Products



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  •        Only the user is the consumer of our products, so we have always emphasized the “user-centric product design concept.” Understand and analyze the real needs of users, through professional design means, methods to solve related problems, for users to create super-expected value, and achieve enterprise strategy.


    Carbon fiber sample district, full carbon fiber plate,tubes,cnc parts,money clips,cigar case,FPV frame……you can find much carbon fiber product here. If interested just send us your carbon fiber design to achieve our first cooperation.We keep a stock of our samples every month and they are of good quality.The most classic sample color is black matte, and most people like this surface. But if you’re fond of colorful stuff, there are also much color plates & tubes with silk. All samples are from the engineer’s masterpiece, who make the carbon fiber alive. We almost send hundreds of free sample to our new partners every month, and get good reputation.We also believe these sample will be our first chance to make the business cooperation.


    Founded in 2008, our company only produce carbon plates. Carbon fiber materials are not widely used at that time, so it’s hard to explore the market. And the outbreak of the 2008 financial crisis also took much opportunities and challenges.

    Our production equipment was not so good, but we own great technique and technician. 3 years later, our production line was expanded from carbon fiber sheet to carbon fiber tube and CNC machining, the previously outdated device were replaced by advanced production equipment. Many professional staff  continue to join us, the establishment of a new department and management system made us improving continuously , the number of employees is more than 100.
    With the increasing popularity of carbon fiber, more and more people advocate and like the use of 
    carbon fiber, many countries have high market demand.

    materialcarbon tube cnccarbon sheet cncpackaging

    In the fierce competition environment in the industry, we rely on good quality and service to win market share and reputation, good product sales performance has brought sufficient original capital accumulation. Until 2017, we obtained a total of 20 patents and other national Advanced enterprise certificates. Many journalists began to visit the door, more and more partners, our business scope for the first time exceeded 80 countries. As a result, we have grown rapidly to be a well-known supplier.In 2013, QC department was set up, it’s responsible for the quality inspection of all products, to ensure our customers receive high-quality products. At the mean time, the establishment of the Molding department has also made our product line to be expanded again.



    1.Keep innovation alive

    The development of technology can always bring new possibilities to the innovation of design. With innovative technology, innovative design will always follow, will not stop in one place.

    2.Emphasis on practicality
    In addition to meeting functional standards, products must also meet psychological and aesthetic standards. Good design emphasizes the practicality of the product while abandoning any part that could be detrimental to the practicality of the product.

    3.Caring about every detail
    Don’t leave casual or unexpected places. Every care and precise expression in the design process demonstrates the designer’s respect for the user.


                          2018 HOBBY EXPO CHINA                                                    2018 Shanghai Composites Model Exhibition




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