China’s first large manned airship “gtga-k9000 air tourism Airship” at XI ‘ an aviation base offline

Recently, China’s first large manned airship “gtga-k9000 air tourism airship” in Xi ‘ an aviation base offline. The airship, which loads 28 people, is the most manned airship in the world that is currently publicly reported.

gtga-k9000 Air Sightseeing Airship (1)
“Gtga-k9000 Air tourism airship” by Shaanxi nine days General Aviation Co., Ltd. Research and Design, and by the company and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Optoelectronics Research Institute, Aerospace Four hospital Kang New materials company joint manufacturing completed. The airship is 66 meters long, 11500 cubic meters in volume, using lithium battery as power source, the design of the highest lifting limit up to 3000 meters above sea level. In addition to sightseeing, it can also be used for emergency communications, security patrols, etc.

gtga-k9000 Air Sightseeing Airship (2)

The airship belongs to the dual-use technology development project, has a number of world-leading technology, the use of all-carbon fiber composite skeleton of hard airship, all-electric multi-hair vector power system, remote measurement and control and advanced optical transmit electricity controlled flight control system, dynamic silo balance control system, etc., to fill the gap in China’s large airship manufacturing projects. At present, the “gtga-k9000 air tourism airship” has been fully assembled and is expected to be officially put into operation next year. With the improvement of the national living standard and the high-rise development of the tourism industry, tourism consumption has long been a choice for residents to normalize their lives, tourism industry has begun to take shape, but low-altitude tourism is still stalled, so the field of low-altitude tourism needs more opportunities and challenges.

There is no doubt that the emergence of the “gtga-k9000 air tourism airship” has brought an unprecedented and great innovation to the tourism industry. So far, the “gtga-k9000 air tourism airship” has been fully assembled, it belongs to the national major dual-use technology development projects, its advanced technology, novel design. The event was organized by Shaanxi Nine-Day General Aviation Co., Ltd. and hosted by Xi ‘ An nine days Navigation Media Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Wanya Commercial Operations Management Co., Ltd. “China’s first large manned airship ‘ gtga-k9000 air tourism airship ‘ offline ceremony” Held on September 12, 2018 in Shaanxi nine days Pucheng airship base.

September 21, 2018
Source: Shaanxi Media Network-Shaanxi Daily