What are the main factors that affect the quality of carbon fiber tubes?

Carbon fiber tube is composed of carbon fiber materials and specific resin materials, is widely used in unmanned aerial vehicles, camera slides, medical equipment, sports equipment, etc., but the current market of carbon fiber tube quality is uneven, this article from each link to explain the impact of its finished product quality factors.




Two crafts

There are 2 kinds of processes: Pultruded and Winding

Pultruded carbon fiber tube is easy to achieve the continuity of the fiber, but the product looks inferior than the winding carbon pipe ; coiled tube quality is stable, excellent durability.


Selection of resins

Resin is particularly important for the strength of carbon fiber tubing, which helps distribute the load between carbon fibers and protects the carbon fiber from environmental impacts. Generally, it is better to choose a resin that is easy to solidify and has a strong adsorption strength.


Material of core Mould

High-performance carbon tube needs to be cured under high temperature oven, so the temperature-resisting condition of the core mould is strict, aluminum is a kind of material with high coefficient of thermal expansion, which is suitable for the raw material of core mould.


Post time: Jul-20-2018

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