The important influence of molding temperature of carbon fiber products

From mold design to demoulding molding, the quality of carbon fiber products may be affected by each step in the molding process,such as mold design,resin content ratio,temperature control, use of release agent.

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Carbon fiber molding is an important part of the production process of carbon fiber products, and molding temperature in this process is an important factor affecting the quality of  carbon fiber products. So,we are going to talk about the effect of temperature on molded products:

1.When the temperature is high, the curing speed will be faster, which will leads the swelling of carbon fiber products, cracking and warping deformation.
2.On the contrary,while the molding temperature is too low, it will cause the poor fluidity of material, slow curing speed, and low intensity finished product.

The products which owns complex shape, thin wall thickness are not suitable for high temperature molding.Which also requires the accumulation of common experience to achieve good results.

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Post time: Jul-15-2018

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