The detailed Introduction of carbon fiber sheet

Carbon fiber is from the organic fiber through a series of heat treatment transformation, the carbon content is higher than 90% inorganic high performance fiber, is one kind of excellent mechanical properties new material, has the intrinsic nature characteristic of the carbon material, but also has the textile fiber the soft machinable type, is the new generation enhances the fiber.

So what about our common carbon fiber sheet?

Carbon Fiber sheet Strengthening method (also known as CFRP strengthening method) is a kind of construction method which uses binder to paste the carbon fiberboard into the force part of the concrete member, and the matrix is folded together to achieve the reinforcement purpose. This method is usually used in the construction of concrete bridge slab, pier, beam, column, chimney and tunnel lining, such as flexural reinforcement, shearing reinforcement, and prevention of cracking and spalling. Compared with steel plate strengthening method and thickening strengthening method, the method has the advantages of high strength, light weight, easy construction and good durability, which can be used in the maintenance and reinforcement of the concrete structure with severe conditions and narrow site.

Carbon fiber plate is the same direction of carbon fiber using resin infiltration hardening formation of carbon fiber sheet, can effectively solve the multi-layer carbon fiber cloth construction difficulties and large amount of engineering problems, the effect of good reinforcement, construction convenient. The use of high-quality carbon fiber materials and good basic resin, carbon fiber sheet with high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, earthquake resistance, shock resistance and other good performance.

Summarize the following four points:
fuselage, rudder, rocket engine shell, missile splitter, solar panel;
2.Sports :
equipment: Auto parts, motorcycle parts, fishing rods, baseball bats, sled, speedboat, badminton racket, etc.
3. industry:
engine parts, concrete structure reinforcement materials, fan blades, transmission shafts, and electrical components, etc.
4.Fire Protection:
applicable to Military, fire, steel and other special types of high-grade fireproof clothing production.

Post time: Aug-21-2018

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