The 2017 annual gala held by XC Carbon Fiber

Tonight is an exciting time for all staffs of XC Carbon Fiber to host our annual gala, of course we had a rich dinner, watching wonderful programs,participating in the lottery.
XC Carbon Fiber

XC company was founded in 2008, had experienced 10 years of wind and rain journey as well as the progress and development. We have developed into a lead manufacturer in the fields of carbon fiber product production, FPV carbon fiber material processing, carbon fiber gift marketing in China.
XC Carbon FiberXC Carbon Fiber

Until 2017, XC company  successfully applied for an invention patent and 13 new technology patents, and  obtained the National high-tech enterprise identified. So we have undisputed business strength and industry brand value, has been committed to China’s UAV industry materials leader and efforts.
XC Carbon FiberXC Carbon Fiber

We know that the development and growth of all companies can not be separated from your attention, trust, support and participation. We are honored to form a partner with you to achieve mutual benefit and common development. In the future, we will continue to forge ahead, with high-quality products, good reputation and thoughtful service. We are fully confident that as long as there is your support and cooperation, as long as we work hard and create great carbon fiber product, our common cause will certainly have a large space, big act, great development.

We sincerely hope that in 2018 to create the company and your division together with lofty ambition, the pursuit of excellence! Looking forward to working more closely with your company, join hands in creating a new World of carbon fiber business! Wish you can continue to give me more support and help in the days to come, to help the company to grow rapidly in this industry!

Post time: Dec-31-2017

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