The 2 most common processing methods about carbon fiber CNC cutting

Carbon CNC cutting is a great method of making complicated carbon parts for those who are interested in them. If you would like to chop high-quality CFRP, carbon fiber CNC machine will be helpful a lot. Creating cut-outs and drill holes on carbon fiber sheets and tubes are the most commonly used processing,because these carbon fiber designs are often used for fixing parts or connectors with screws.

Drilling Carbon holes
Drilling vertical holes with counterbores is usual,if you had ever seen the factory workshop that making carbon fiber parts. However, it’s tough to drill holes with equal depth and distances. So, the CNC is a better way to save time and improve the quality than a manual tool.

Mill-cut slot
We machined the carbon fiber sheet by this way.We should pay attention that slot milling with flat parts of the closed contour, the cut can not cut out part of the extension. And each of the fixing terminals has cut the slot on one side, and the pin holes are in the same.

Post time: Apr-26-2019

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