Several uniquely designed carbon fiber bottle opener are recommended

These bottle opener is super hard and works very well. There is always around and easy to store in the wallet, plus it looks good , Not only does it look great, but it is easy to be carried. It’s 100% Carbon fiber credit card size bottle opener. Thickness 1.5 mm, weight less than 10 g.

Our designers have been designed and experimented many times to make these unique carbon fiber bottle opener, as if to give them new vitality. In fact, if only in terms of function, the bottle opener requires only 1 large holes, because their function is to open the cap. But in order to increase aesthetics and decoration, we purposely add a few more holes, these extra holes can also be used as the connection position of the rope, or hanging position

carbon fiber bottle opener (4) carbon fiber bottle opener (7)carbon fiber bottle opener (14)


If you have any better designs or suggestions, please send us drawings and information.


Material Real Twill Carbon Fiber
characteristic Durable Matte Finish
Process Screen Printing
Thickness 1.5mm Thick
Size custom made

Post time: Dec-14-2018

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