New advances in chemical fiber testing equipment in some countries

The research activities of polymer and fiber materials will certainly promote the construction, updating and development of research and test equipment, such as the development of functional multi-component fibers on the melting test equipment platform. The technological change of chemical fiber test equipment reflects the thinking of polymer fiber technology innovation in the world today from one side, and also brings enlightenment and inspiration to the relevant enterprises.


FET’s Test Equipment

FET, a company from united kindom, provides the polymer and chemical fiber test equipment with highly energy efficient and low cost.Its equipment covers polymer and additive testing, small-volume commercial production, and new fiber materials and biopolymer testing. The good process of melting research equipment is generally favored by researchers.
                                FET company‘s melting spinning research equipment
FET’s fused spinning devices and fused nonwoven test platforms have been used in the processing of bioabsorbable polymer fibers, mainly using biopolymer raw materials such as polyethyl ester (PGA), polyll lactic acid (PLLA), poly-cyclocyclone (PDO) and polyhexephalates (PCL). Biomedical fiber products involve complex wire, single wire, spinning non-woven fabric products, two-component single wire and complex wire and air core filament products.

Post time: Nov-11-2019

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