KWSP provides carbon fiber composite chassis structural parts for Uniti one

According to foreign media reports, KW Special Projects (KWSP) was designated by the Swedish electric vehicle manufacturer Uniti as the official engineering partner of its new electric vehicle type Uniti one. With the signing of the agreement, the future KWSP Carbon fiber complex automotive platform will be used for vehicle manufacturing, achieving lightweight, thermal management and gaining structural advantages.
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The carbon fiber composite car chassis platform is named TopCat, which can significantly reduce costs compared to the traditional way. The platform provides alternative solutions for conventional racing carbon fiber reinforced plastics (carbon fiber reinforced POLYMER, CFRP) thermosetting materials (thermosets).

However, the production of carbon fiber reinforced plastics is expensive, the artificial density is high, it is not easy to realize the recycling of materials, but TopCat is able to fully realize the recycling of materials, the engineering design cycle can be shortened by 83%. In independent testing, after using TopCat as an alternative to other means, cost savings were achieved in terms of tooling costs and unit costs.
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TopCat can use repeatable manufacturing processes to create modular structures and use thermoplastic materials and innovative manufacturing processes to reduce vehicle weight and increase the modularity of manufacturing, mainly driven by the upgrading of new energy vehicle applications.

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Post time: Dec-13-2018

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