How to make carbon fiber pull winding tubes?

    Compared with metal and plastic pipes, pullwinding carbon tubes have many great properties like high strength, lightweight, rust prevention, corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient and durability). The main production process of pullwind carbon tube includes roll wrapping, compression molding, pultrusion and pull winding. We had introduced the process of roll wrapped carbon fiber tube, here we are talking about how to make winding carbon fiber tube. 

    Pull winding carbon fiber tube is made by winding the carbon fiber on the mandrel under the principle of wet winding. In order to stabilize the position of carbon fiber and improve its uniformity, carbon fiber is required to be arranged according to winding rules. The rules can be subdivided into spiral winding, circumferential winding, and longitudinal winding. It is an important prerequisite for ensuring the quality of carbon fiber winding products.

1. Spiral winding
Carbon fiber tows start winding as the mandrel turns, and returns to its original starting point in the end. By this way carbon fiber mainly sustains the axial pressure.
2. Circumferential winding
The mandrel turns at a constant speed around its own axis, and the carbon fiber tows move along the direction perpendicular to the axis. Along the way, carbon fiber mainly sustains circumferential pressure.
3. Longitudinal winding
The carbon fiber wire runs 1 time, the mandrel turns at a tiny angle.
pull-wind carbon tube (13)pull-wind carbon tube (16)pull windcarbon tube (4)


Complete process
1. Preparing raw materials(carbon fiber and mandrels).
2. Cleaning the surface of the mandrel and connect the demolding tool and mandrel.
3. Winding process: winding rules can be a single way or in combination, and the number of winding layers is changed according to customer requirements.
4. Demoulding and obtaining carbon fiber tube.
5. Product inspection: square and round pullwinding carbon fiber tube need to be gone through pressure testing, according to the customers requirement.


Post time: Aug-26-2019

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