How to make carbon fiber bottle opener?

Bottle opener is a useful tool for daily life, which is mainly used to open bottles, it is generally made of plastic and metal, which can meet the needs of ordinary living scenes. But Carbon Fiber Bottle Opener is different, although the function is consistent with the traditional bottle opener, but because of its more noble qualities,much people love it. Its production process influences its ordinary quality, and different production enterprises may be different in this point, but the process is basically consistent.

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1. Making Prepreg Cloth:
First of all,we need select high-quality Carbon fiber cloth , and then apply epoxy resin, hot pressing, cooling to form what we call the Prepreg cloth.

Cutting the prepreg cloth into the desired size and then pave them according to the thickness.

3. Add Film:
Putting 2 layers film both on the surface of carbon plate,there are matte film or light film could be choiced,but we recommend the matt film, because the light film is easy to be frayed.

4. Compression Molding:
Putting all the carbon cloth neatly on the groove of the machine,then start to compress them. On this step,we need to pay attention to the molding time and temperature, because it will affect the sealing and strength of carbon plate.

5. CNC Machining:
The finished carbon plates are machined to the shape and size of bottle opener by using computer numerical control technology.

1. Nice Weave:   The standard twill weave pattern is very stylish and aesthetically pleasing,and the plain weave surface looks more orderly and tidy.
2. Diversification: Colors and styles can be customized to suit the needs of different people.
3. Durability: tensile strength is more than 3400MPA.
4. Simple:  easy to used be or carried.

Post time: Jul-31-2018

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