Full Display Of Carbon Fiber Sunglasses

Today we introduce a special pair of sunglasses. -Carbon fiber solar glasses

Like its name, the biggest difference from other ordinary sunglasses is its material, the material called carbon fiber. Carbon fiber has unique texture patterns and textures, and is lighter and more intense, and is an excellent material for eyeglasses frames. If you want to avoid the sting of direct sunlight and feel more comfortable and cool in the hot sun, you should not miss this pair of glasses.

Here are all the details of the carbon fiber glasses show:

1. The overall framework
According to the appearance of the foot of the mirror can be divided into a spleen sleeve and no spleen sleeve , this design can meet the needs of different people to the mirror feet.Relatively speaking, there is a spleen set to wear more stable not easy to fall off, and no spleen sleeve is more free.

carbon-fiber-sunglasses8 carbon fiber sunglasses1


2. Structure of spectacle frame
The glasses frame and the mirror leg are all made of carbon fiber, it weighs about 20g less than the ordinary pure titanium frame, which makes you not feel uncomfortable because of the long wear.

carbon fibe sunglasses26 carbon fibe sunglasses46




3. Personalized Demand-LOGO

We support 2 kinds of logo customization schemes, namely  steel mold and silk screen. Screen printing looks more common and popular, and the steel mold more prominent personality, but the cost is slightly more expensive than silk screen.(need to provide CAD drawings)


1A0A8012 1A0A8034


4. Size and Packaging

The size of the carbon fiber glasses named HH8091 is 56*15*140mm(as shown in the picture),We adopt high-grade packaging with lattice pattern, the weight of the whole pair of glasses is about 20g, the weight of the box is about 100g. Both suitable for personal wear and use, but also wonderful gifts for friends.

carbon fiber sunglassescarbon-fiber-sunglasses2




Post time: Jun-21-2018

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