Factory supply real forged carbon fiber fabric sheet

Forged carbon fiber is carbon fiber re-molded by carbon fiber cloth.
By changing the orderly mixing of carbon fibers in the molding process.
This disorderly mixed carbon fiber composite material is called “forged carbon fiber”.

Forged carbon fiber not only presents an irregular “messy beauty”.
The forged carbon fiber material also has a certain comprehensive strength.
For example, Lamborghini applied this forged carbon fiber material to the design of the body shell.
Lamborghini’s Forged Composites is a typical Carbon Fiber reinforced Sheet Molding Compound.
The hot-pressing pressure of this Forged Composites is higher than that of traditional SMC.

With the birth of forged carbon fiber, carbon fiber crafts and mechanical accessories have opened a new chapter.

Forged carbon sheet 1-3

Forged carbon sheet 1-5

Post time: Jul-01-2020

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