ELG Carbon Fiber Provides Recycled Carbon Fiber for Rowing

ELG Carbon Fiber (Coseley, UK) works with the British sailing team INEOS Team UK to ensure that sustainable materials and practices are incorporated into the 2021 America’s Cup construction program. Specifically, ELG’s recycled carbon fiber material will be used to produce the AC75 ship type that will be in the Auckland Regatta in 2021.

ELG has been a material supplier to the UK’s INEOS team since 2018 and has reportedly processed 1,000 kilograms of carbon fiber manufacturing waste and end-use parts for the British Challengers.

From ELG’s specialty plant in West Midlands, INEOS Team UK’s recycled fibers are converted into milled and chopped products to produce thermoset and thermoplastic compounds and nonwoven mats. According to ELG, its recycled nonwovens have been used to produce two supports for supporting AC75 during transportation, as well as hull and deck dies.

ELG technicians reportedly performed a series of fiber characterizations on the raw materials of INEOS Team UK. Each batch of processed material is also classified to support traceability and consistency of the recycled fiber end product. All of these processes are said to comply with BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN 9100:2016 quality standards.

Both organizations stated that they believe this partnership is a solution to the global carbon consumption problem and raising the need for closed loop recycling within the marine industry.

“Recycling of carbon fiber products is a real game changer,” said Alan Boot, a naval architect at the UK’s INEOS team. “We are diverting waste from landfills and recycling our production processes as much as possible. ELG’s products are seamlessly integrated into our manufacturing processes, demonstrating the success of these materials in various commercial markets. This is a very exciting time for ship production and is expected to lead other manufacturers to follow suit.”

“ELG’s recycled carbon fiber products help support the sustainable development of elite sports, which is something we are very proud of,” said Fraser Barnes, managing director of ELG Carbon Fiber.

INEOS Team UK AC75 Boat 1 will be launched this summer.

Post time: Jul-16-2019

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