Effect of carbon fiber sheet on strength of reinforcing bar

Carbon fiber reinforced concrete (CFRP) is applied to reinforce concrete structures.
In the field of civil engineering, a new and high-tech reinforcement method is proposed. Compared with the traditional reinforcement method, this reinforcement method has high research, popularization and application value and great social and economic benefits. The reinforced concrete structure strengthened by carbon fiber sheet is composed of concrete, steel bar and carbon fiber sheet. Composite stress system, which brings forward many new problems for structural reinforcement design, such as bearing capacity, stiffness calculation, structural failure mode and fiber sheet reinforcement mechanism, etc. These are important contents that must be solved. It has important practical significance for structural calculation and engineering reinforcement. By changing the bonding length, notch height and reinforcement ratio of CFRP sheet, the reinforcement mechanism, failure mode of interface, bending capacity and stiffness enhancement effect of CFRP sheet strengthened beams were studied systematically.
400x500mm-high-strength-carbon-fiber-sheet-6mm (1)

The ultimate bearing capacity of concrete beams can be improved by sticking CFRP sheets in the tension zone of concrete beams, and the ultimate bearing capacity of beams can be increased by different lengths of CFRP sheets.
During the test, all the beams showed obvious bending cracks and shear cracks. The cracks of the unreinforced beams appeared earlier. Once the cracks expanded faster, the number of cracks was less, and the cracks were wider. When the steel bar yielded, the cracks expanded rapidly, the deflection of the beams increased rapidly, but the bearing capacity of the strengthened beams increased very little. During the loading process, cracks appear late and expand slowly.There are many cracks.Moreover, the initial cracks of the beams strengthened with fiberboard are delayed and the initial crack initiation load is higher than that of the beams strengthened without fiberboard.

Post time: Oct-10-2018

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