Do you really know about carbon fiber?

—As early as the Vietnam War, lands mines were made of carbon fiber, and ten years later F1 began to use carbon fibre, and after another decade, carbon fiber are used for bicycles.The history of carbon fiber  is long-term, but do you really know it?

Carbon fiber fabric
First of all, we are familiar with the carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber is very fine slight, before using it,we have to weave these fibers into cloth, which is also a carbon fiber cloth.
carbon fiber weaveud cloth

One-way cloth (UD, unidirectional)
A lot of people think one-way cloth is bad and cheap, but it’s not really like that at all. Carbon fiber is a bunch of a bunch, the carbon fiber in one direction in a row, is a one-way cloth. This is just the way carbon fiber is arranged and has nothing to do with the quality of the carbon fiber material itself. One-way cloth are more popular on the the frame of bicycles, the strength along the direction of carbon fiber arrangement is higher . Many parts of a bicycle frame are under the force of different directions., so those positions are stronger when made with one-way cloth.

Woven Fabric
Commonly, woven fabric is divided into several types, such as 1K,3K,12K, 1K means that 1000 of carbon fiber composed of a part, and then woven up; 3K is 3000, 12K is 12000, very easy to understand.

In a way, modulus is hardness, the modulus can often make us thinking of lighter and stronger.The higher the modulus, the lower the degree of deformation that occurs when the carbon fiber is affected by external forces.But the actual frame design will also combine other factors, such as comfort.

Tensile strength
It’s the ability of a material or structure to withstand loads that tend to be elongated, rather than compressive strength, and the load it bears tends to reduce the size. In other words, tensile strength resists tension (pulled apart), while compressive strength resists compression (pushed together).

Carbon fibers have little strength until they are coated with resin, and 3000 carbon filaments can easily be ripped off with hands. but coated with resin curing, it will become more stiff than iron and steel. There are two methods of coating resin, one is called Prepreg and the other is a common method. Pre-immersion is pre-coated with resin before the carbon cloth is glued to the mold; the common method is that the resin is coated when  the carbon cloth is going to be applied. The preservation of prepreg cloth needs to be at low temperature, while curing requires high temperature and high pressure, so that the carbon fiber products will have a higher strength.


Post time: Mar-18-2019

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