Do you really know the meaning of playing cards that we familiar with?

Hi guys,do you know what’s the meaning of playing cards that we familiar with?

54 cards means 52 weeks a year, two pairs of large cats representing the sun, the kitten represents the moon; peach, Heart, Square, Mei said the spring, summer, autumn, winter Four seasons. The red card represents the day, the black card represents the night, each season 13 weeks with the poker each suit the card number exactly is 13,, 52 cards The sum of the points is 364, plus the kitten’s point, is 365, and the average year is the same; if you increase the cat’s point, it is just the number of days in leap years. There are 12 cards in K, Q, J, which means that there are 12 months in a year, and that the sun passes through 12 constellations in a year.

Actually,there are many historical persons in it,for example:
1.The old k in poker is the king, Caesar, Charlemagne, Alexander the Great and King David;
2.The Q is the famous European four Queens, goddess Athena, Jacob’s wife Rachel, Rose Queen Agine, Jewish heroine Judith. Today let’s talk about the history of defender J;
3.Red Peach J: The Bodyguard of Charlie VII;
4.Plum Blossom J: King Arthur’s chief round Table Knight Lancelot;
5.Spades J: Charlemagne’s bodyguard Hogle;
6.Block J: Charlemagne’s chief bodyguard Roland.

With the popular of new material carbon fiber, more and more people use it to make poker. Nowadays, carbon fiber poker are fond of European and American people. But do you ever see the real carbon fiber poker?

Post time: Sep-10-2018

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