China Composites Expo 2018(5-7 September)

“China International Exhibition” is the largest and most influential composite industry exhibition in China and Asia, and is ranked as a “leader” in the world. The organizer relies on 23 years of experience accumulated and renowned at home and abroad influential advantages, widely publicized, well organized, enthusiastic service, invited the Government, the industry and all aspects of the community to visit the professional audience, each exhibition has become an entrepreneur’s festival, the industry’s event, its professional image, Brand and status not only by the government departments of the strong support, but also by the industry unanimously recognized.

Exhibition Advantages and Highlights activities:
1.The organizing committee has successfully held “China International Composites exhibition” for 23 consecutive years.
2. The organizing committee has established long-term good cooperative relations with relevant associations and professional organizations at home and abroad;
3. nearly 600 exhibitors at home and abroad and more than 20,000 professionals;
4. Highly forward-looking analysis and forecasting industry development trend of the enterprise High-level forum;
5. Many companies press conference to announce the company’s major activities and matters;
6.nearly 40 special lectures on the latest products and technologies of enterprises,
7. dedicated innovative product exhibition area at home and abroad, and the award of innovative products by the team of Chinese and foreign experts;
8.Practical technical training, for enterprises to solve the practical problems encountered in production operations.

Let’s look our Expo details:

Expo Scene

214 5

Expo Address

China Composites Expo 2018 (1)
China Composites Expo 2018 (2)

Expo Address:
No. 1099th, Guo Zhan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
North Gate: No. No. 850, Bo Cheng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Post time: Sep-06-2018

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