Carbon fiber sticker tutorial

Carbon fiber sticker steps: first back and front

First, the back 1, wipe the veneer with a clean rag;

2. Uncover the carbon fiber paper, cut the non-adhesive paper into two with a paper cutter, one paper corner to the bottom of the sticker, and the other to the bottom right. .

3. Align the carbon fiber paper glue center icon with the object icon and stick it under the edge, and peel off the adhesive paper at the place where the sticky paper is picked up, so that the adhesive surface is completely adhered to the object surface and compacted.
carbon fiber sticker

Second, positive

1. Remove carbon fiber paper

2. Align and corner the corner of the carbon fiber paper at the corner of the object.

3. Pull up the entire carbon fiber paper so that the other corner is aligned with the corner of the object, and then gently compact it.

Post time: Mar-20-2019

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