Advantages of carbon fiber composites for UAV/helicopter body

            Since the appearance of the drone, weight reduction has become the topic of common concern. In the case of ensuring the safe use of the drone, only the weight of the body structure can be reduced, so that more space can be saved to increase the fuel and payload to achieve the purpose of extending the flight distance and the endurance time.
            As carbon fiber composites are widely used in large military fighters and civilian passenger aircraft, they are also considered to be the best material choice for weight reduction in drones. Compared with traditional metal materials and composite materials, carbon fiber composites have the characteristics of high specific strength and specific stiffness, low thermal expansion coefficient, anti-fatigue ability and anti-vibration ability. It can be used in UAV structure to reduce weight. %~30%. The resin-based composite material has the advantages of light weight, complicated structure, large structure, easy molding, and large design space. Applied to the UAV structure can greatly improve and improve the overall performance of the UAV. At present, all countries in the world use advanced composite materials based on carbon fiber composite materials on drones. The application of carbon fiber composite materials plays an important role in the lightweight, miniaturization and high performance of UAV structures. effect.


carbon frame1
1, the specific strength and specific stiffness

Compared with other composite materials, the high specific strength and high specific stiffness of carbon fiber composites can reduce the air quality of the UAV and reduce the load cost of the UAV, while satisfying the same strength and rigidity of the UAV body. To ensure that the drone has a longer flight distance and flight time.
2, integrated molding

UAVs often have a high-wing-integrated flying-wing overall aerodynamic shape, requiring a large-area integrated integrated molding technique. After the simulation and simulation calculation, the carbon fiber composite material can not only be integrated into a large-area integrated molding process by compression molding, hot-pressing can external solidification molding, etc., and can be introduced into an automated assembly line production process to improve efficiency and greatly reduce production and manufacturing costs. Suitable for mass production of airframe structures for drones.

3, good corrosion resistance and heat resistance

Carbon fiber composites also have excellent corrosion and heat resistance, can withstand the corrosion of water and various media in nature, and the effects of thermal expansion, can meet the special requirements of long storage life under various environmental conditions of drones, and reduce Use maintenance life cycle costs.

4, implantable chip or alloy conductor

Carbon fiber composites can also be implanted into chip live alloy conductors to form an intelligent overall structure that can be used in harsh environments for long periods of time without compromising the performance of the implanted equipment and enabling reliable execution of specific tasks.

Post time: Nov-12-2019

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